How car sharing can benefit your business

What is car sharing, and how can it be of benefit to your business? 

Steven from GoTo Car Share tells us about the benefits of car sharing and how you can get started.

What is car sharing? 

Car sharing is primarily designed for local users to support community transit and environmental goals. It is best defined by its environmental and social purpose, rather than business and financial objectives. Car sharing aims to decrease car ownership, reduce vehicle movements and distance travelled, improve urban land use, and provide affordable access to quality vehicles for all users.

A car sharing service is membership based and available to all registered drivers in the community. Unlike hiring a traditional rental car, a separate written agreement is not required for each booking, and vehicles are available 24/7 from an unattended self-service location.

Car sharing is primarily designed for shorter trips, as an extension of a larger transportation network, however, it also allows for longer trips which further helps to discourage car ownership. By reducing car usage, driving less often, using other modes of transportation, and sharing fuel-efficient vehicles, users can save money when compared to the cost of individual car ownership.

How does it work?

Members complete an online account application and once approved they can register drivers under their account. Each driver then has access to a mobile app that allows them to make a booking, start and finish bookings, and lock and unlock the vehicle.

Once the initial setup process has been completed, users are able to make bookings and use vehicles 24/7. Vehicles are collected from a car sharing base and returned at the end of the booking.

What are the benefits of car sharing for your business?
  • Cost savings: Businesses can reduce capital investment or lease costs for the purchase of vehicles, and remove the costs associated with fueling, maintaining, servicing, insuring, and housing a fleet of vehicles. Car sharing allows you to only pay for the time you need the vehicle, rather than the full cost of ownership.
  • Better utilisation of resources: By using a car sharing service your business can better utilise resources. This reduces the need to own your own fleet, and the costs of vehicle management and maintenance, frees up staff time for more productive activities, and lessens under-utilisation and waste.
  • Increased flexibility: Car sharing offers your business greater flexibility in vehicle choice, allowing you to better match the transportation option to the specific situation. When combined with pricing differentials, cost savings can be achieved by using the most cost-effective vehicle for the trip.
  • Sustainability: Car sharing can help businesses lower their carbon footprint by promoting the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and reducing the number of cars on the road. This can be a positive factor for companies that are committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

Steven from GoTo Car Share

How do I get started in Tauranga?

Tauranga businesses can now take advantage of EV car sharing, thanks to the launch of GoTo Car Share. The new company offers the use of EVs from durations of 60 minutes to an entire weekend.

GoTo Car Share currently operates out of Basestation on Durham Street in the Tauranga CBD, with a fleet of EVs and a rapid charging station available to the public.

The service was inspired by the growth of the sharing economy, as well as the desire to see fewer cars on the road, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Current users of GoTo Car Share include charities, not-for-profits, businesses, start-ups, and individuals.

For more information, or to sign up visit or call 028 255 63525.

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