Commissioners to engage with business community through Chamber event

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce is hosting the region’s first public event with the new Tauranga City Council Commissioners this month.

Business @ Breakfast is a way for the business community to connect directly the Commissioners on their plans for the city. It is timely as public submissions on the Long Term Plan will open early May.

Chamber events manager Anne Pankhurst says, “The Commissioners are keen to hear from the business community, to understand what challenges business owners are experiencing when it comes to doing business in the city and what is going really well.

“On the other hand, this is also a chance for the community to understand what role the Commissioners play in the future of our city, how they plan to execute their strategy and their overall mandate.

“We’re pleased that the Commissioners see the Chamber as the first port of call to access the business community. We look forward to providing such a valuable opportunity for our members and the wider community.”

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt Cowley says the Commissioners understand the value of engaging with the Chamber and its business community early, as their input will be key to upcoming decisions around issues such as infrastructure, traffic and the future of the CBD.

“The commissioners must make major decisions for the city within a short time frame. They must develop a draft Long Term Plan in a matter of weeks of them starting. They want to hear the issues and perspectives of local businesses.”

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