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Bureta Physiotherapy + Wellness: ‘Growing our business from the inside out’

This year, Bureta Physiotherapy is celebrating its 17th birthday and to mark the occasion the clinic is undergoing a radical transformation.

Heading in a new and exciting direction, with a view to establish themselves as a medium-sized wellness centre, their physical premise is expanding and so too will their team – once they have the space to recruit.

Director Blair Jarratt is taking a ‘build it and they will come’ approach, something he says may be a gamble, but is confident it will pay off.

“Our renovations allow us to get in new team members who complement our physiotherapy, so we can look at all aspects of health and wellbeing, including psychology, nutrition, sleep issues, breathing pattern disorders and much more.

“With the physiotherapy model, someone comes in with an injury and the aim is to get them back to neutral. We want to go north of neutral, to get a client out of rehab and then on to improving their normal health and lifestyle every day.”

Part of this business growth includes hiring a full-time practice manager, a recommendation that initially came out of the comprehensive auditing process involved with entering the Chamber’s annual Business Awards.

Bureta Physio entered the Awards twice, winning for Customer Service in 2017 and placing as finalists in 2019 for the Service Excellence Award.

“The process is really robust,” recalls Blair. “You get to sit down and look at all aspects of the business – something you don’t get to do regularly when you’re working in it. As part of winning, we had MBA students from University of Waikato come through and do a business analysis of the practice.

“One of the recommendations was to move the admin manager into a practice manage role. At the time, we weren’t in a position to do so, but with a staff member leaving and our current growth mind-set including a focus on improving our HR, we realised we needed someone in that role, so as the business grows so does our team’s needs.”

Blair and his business partner Jacinta Horan joined the Chamber initially as they saw it to be “good business practice to be part of the community”, but they have since reaped a number of rewards, including training to help upskill themselves and their team.

“While our physios have various avenues for professional development, we didn’t have anything to help our office team, so leant on the Chamber’s courses for those skills, including dealing with difficult conversations, leadership knowledge and even digital marketing.

“It’s a great way to get quality knowledge without having to do formal study.”

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