LINKT Profile: KingSt Advertising

Meet Pietta Barnett, Account Executive at KingSt Advertising & Marketing

What is your role at KingSt and what does it entail?

No day is the same – sometimes I will be working on video or photography shoots. However day-to-day tasks consists of managing clients needs by working with the creatives, media and digital team. This consists of communications with clients and the team to manage projects. 

What have been some of the challenges of your role and what are some of the highlights?

The challenges would be working to deadlines as this can be very stressful. It can be challenging at times to manage the clients’ expectations and the team’s workload in order to meet deadlines.

The highlights would be working on video shoots, and seeing the ad produced and going live. Another highlight would be seeing a billboard in real life from the first campaign I ever worked on and thinking, “WOW I was a part of creating that!”

What do you enjoy about working at KingSt?

Working with a team of highly skilled people to address clients’ challenges and objectives, and produce stand-out campaigns. 

What are some of the benefits / challenges of working in a large organisation, both professionally and personally?

As a full-service agency, with a large number clients, there is a heavy workload which can be challenging at times to find capacity.

I was quick to learn not everything can just be done when you want it to. Because I work with a various teams of people, it can take some time to learn how each person communicates, which is vital for managing projects.

I’m enjoy working in a full-service agency because I find it valuable being able to work closely with the creatives, designers, digital and media team to address the clients’ needs and challenges. 

Before joining KingSt, what are some previous roles you have had, and what’s one fun fact about one of those jobs?

I have worked as a cinema attendant at a Rialto Cinema where I made coffee and served alcohol.

When I graduated from university I completed my real estate license and worked as a sales consultant in Hamilton. I particularly enjoyed working with buyers as I found it more rewarding helping people find their dream home. One time I was showing a buyer through a home and the vendors dog got out. I had to chase it all around the neighbourhood looking like a crazy person in front of my client – it was very embarrassing!

My most recent role before I joined KingSt was working as a marketing and social media administrator for a clothing brand in Mount Maunganui. One of the most exciting parts was getting to design the clothing. As well as designing and retailing clothing, we also designed a bridesmaids dresses range. I enjoyed this side of the business, being able to be a part of people’s special day and seeing our dresses featured in magazines and wedding photography. 

What are some personal highlights of your working career?

Working as a real estate salesperson, which was equally challenging as it was rewarding. Highlights from this job include selling my first home, winning my first auction and achieving office rookie. 

When you’re not at work, what are some activities you like to do?

I enjoy being outdoors so I like to spend time at the beach and going for walks with my friends. In summer, my friends and I try to do a new walk every weekend. I also like to paint in my spare time as I enjoy being creative. 

What are your 2020 / 2021 goals?

My goal for this year is to get better at living in the moment and being more creative. I’m also focusing on challenging myself personally and professionally by saying yes to opportunities that support my growth.  

What’s one thing about working at KingSt you want people to know?

KingSt support learning and growth. They don’t expect you to be the best straight away, they value a good attitude and strongly support your willingness to learn. 

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