The big question: Which category should I enter?

There are 11 categories you can enter your business in.  

Our Sector Excellence categories look at what you do: Are you an emerging business, having been in operation for less than three years? Perhaps your manufacturing, construction or distribution practices are world-class, or you might deliver outstanding service to your customers.  

Then there’s the Business Practice categories, the how you do what you do. This covers everything from digital innovation, continuous improvement, sustainability, customer experience and workplace safety.  

In 2021, we’ve added two new categories:

  1. The People & Culture Award, which recognises your achievements in looking after the people within your organisation or business through great company culture
  2. The Marketing & Communications Award, which celebrates those businesses that have strong brand integrity and are communicating this well.  

Sector Excellence Categories

Emerging Business

Recognises those businesses that have achieved significant business growth and have been in operation for more than one year and less than three years. As a result of effective planning and delivery, these businesses are commercially trading and earning revenue.

Sponsored by Toi Ohomai

All businesses in the early stage phase, and who have been in business less than three years, should apply.
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Manufacturing, Construction & Distribution Award

This category is for any business in the manufacturing, construction sectors and/or logistics of goods, including food, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Sponsored by TBC

Includes production, agri-business, horticulture sector, forestry, transport, freight, supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, marine, earthworks, logistics.
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Service Excellence Award

Recognises the successes and achievements of a business delivering services to the customer, or business whose principal activity is in the provision of services.

Sponsored by Zespri

Includes businesses that are in industries such as health and wellness, repair services, lawyers, accountants, web designers and creative agencies, advisors, veterinarians, real estate agents, banks, financial planners, IT providers, retail, tourism and hospitality and more.
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Social Enterprise Award

A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximise profits while maximising benefits to society and the environment. Their profits are principally used to fund social programmes.

Sponsored by Metro Marketing

This category recognises management excellence in organisations outside the private sector including the not-for-profit sector, schools and local government, community trusts, and community service organisations.
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Best Business Practice Categories

Business, Digital & Technology Innovation

Recognises the digital economy through online business and technology. This includes how digital technologies are transforming organisations across every industry and, in the process, have rewritten the rules of business.

Sponsored by Holland Beckett Law

All businesses can enter this category. Includes all marketing, digital, advertising, communication and media agencies, in addition to any party involved in the digital sector. Will include website development and mobile apps etc.
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Continuous Improvement/Lean Award

Recognises a business where there Is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek incremental or breakthrough improvement that is focused on increasing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of an organisation.

Sponsored by Ballance Agri-Nutrients & Productivity People

Businesses that have or are looking to introduce organisational improvement to operate at maximum efficiency. They have a focus on a culture of improvement.
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Marketing & Communications Award

Recognises a business that shows a thorough understanding of, and commitment to, marketing, communication and social media platforms in a way that makes it a clear leader in this field.

Sponsored by Farmer Autovillage

Open to all entrants in the Tauranga Business Awards. You can enter this category alone.
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People & Culture Award

Recognises a company that can demonstrate a workplace culture which provides everyone with the opportunity to initiate change, to grow on a professional and personal aspect, voice their opinions and chase the values they believe in.

Sponsored by Lysaght Consultants & Culture Co

Open to all entrants in the Tauranga Business Awards. You can enter this category alone.
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Sustainable Business Practices

This category is for businesses that demonstrates how sustainable practices are embedded into their organisational strategy, vision and operations, to deliver sustainable practices and business growth.

Sponsored by Trustpower

Open to all entrants in the Tauranga Business Awards. You can enter this category alone.
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Customer Experience Award

Recognises a business that succeeds through consistent dedication to outstanding service and demonstrates its commitment through its service policy, staff training and/or other specific means.

Sponsored by Classic Group

Open to all entrants in the Westpac Tauranga Business Awards. You can enter this category alone.
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Workplace Safety

Recognises a business that demonstrates excellence in workplace health and safety practices, and that has successfully integrated these into its operation. A positive safety culture exists at all levels within the business.

Sponsored by Vertical Horizonz

Open to all entrants in the Tauranga Business Awards. You can enter this category alone.
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Corporate Leadership Award

Recognises a company for their outstanding contribution to the region’s economy. The business will demonstrate economic impact, employment scale and investment in the area and community involvement.

Sponsored by The University of Waikato

This is a selected award.

People's Choice Award

This award is open to all entrants in the Tauranga Business of the Year category. All entrants will go up for public voting between September and November 2021. Details to come.

Presented by Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

Your vote decides the winner. Make sure you vote to ensure your business of choice gets recognised!

Tauranga Business of the Year 2021. ​

All award entrants are eligible for the supreme award.

Presented by Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

To be announced on the night. The winner will be selected from the awards finalists.

The judging process

Part One: Site visits

An Independent Facilitator will do all site visits, to ensure consistency and to get a better understanding of your people and your place. At the site visit, they will drill to the detail of your entry form to gain a comprehensive impression of the business. 

This interview could take up to two hours and will be booked in prior.

The Independent Facilitator will then mark the businesses and write up constructive feedback for the judges and for you to review after the awards night. 

Part Two: Pitch Weekend 

Each entrant will pitch their business to a panel of judges, led by the Independent Facilitator. There will be specialist judges for business practice categories. All our judges are selected for their business skill and knowledge.

You have the opportunity to bring your team and present your pitch in anyway that best showcases your business and puts your case forward for a win.

The entire judging panel consider the finalists and have input into the Tauranga Business of the Year Award. 

We take your confidentiality seriously:

  • All awards entry documentation and official entry forms are treated as confidential.
  • All judges sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Judges are required to declare conflicts of interest.
  • Information regarding participation, any awards, or successful strategies may be released only after written approval from the entrant.

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