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Innovate your business

Are you working on something innovative?

The Chamber works in partnership with Callaghan Innovation to connect ambitious businesses to a range of services to support R&D in our region.

How we can help:

  • Help you understand our local innovation eco-system
  • Connect you to like-minded businesses and individuals
  • Discuss your R&D ideas and guide you to the available innovation support mechanisms
  • Match your needs with specific services, programmes and events
  • Facilitate access to science expertise, programmes and R&D co-funding.

COVID-19 R&D Loan Scheme

Businesses with R&D funding impacted by COVID-19 may be able to apply for an R&D loan of up to $400,000 under Callaghan Innovation’s R&D Loan Scheme.

The scheme is intended to encourage R&D-performing businesses to continue R&D programmes in the current economic environment. 

Businesses will be able to apply for a loan of up to $400,000 to support planned R&D activity, subject to other forms of government R&D support.

The loans will be charged interest at 3% from the start of the loan, however interest will be waived if the loan is repaid in full within the first year.

How can Callaghan Innovation help you?

New Zealand honey is renowned for its taste and health benefits, and now a Bay of Plenty pharmaceutical company is set to make the golden stuff equally famous for its medicinal properties.

HoneyLab has proved that its kanuka honey formulation Honevo is just as effective as the pharmaceutical alternative in treating cold sores.

Callaghan Innovation played an integral role in helping this business undertake R&D, through our Innovation Manager Kirstin Mead, and the agency’s co-funding of the cold sore study meant HoneyLab could accelerate the work and do other research programmes as well.

Read about HoneyLab’s journey with Callaghan here.

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