Advocacy & Representation


As an independent business organisation, we're in a unique and important position to champion and advocate for the big issues on behalf of our business community.

How do we do this?

Through targeted events
Thanks to our long-held connections with local organsiations and government entities, we are able to host events that connect our members with the changemakers in our city. 

Through a direct approach
Our CEO and many of our staff sit on a number of boards and advisory groups that are involved in the future planning of our city. 

We also regularly submit on local government’s annual and Long-term Plans. 

Through the media
Our CEO Matt Cowley writes a regular column for NZME, commenting on the challenges facing our region. You can read these here. 

Through our own channels
We publish a monthly newsletter called Chamber Voice, in which Matt shares his views in a short vlog. You can subscribe to this here. 

Matt Cowley presents at a BA5

What’s new? 

Tauranga City Council’s Long-term Plan is currently out for public consultation.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce has made a submission on behalf of our community, based on the feedback and engagement we have received. We will also speak to this submission.

Read the submission here: TGA Chamber submission to TCC LTP 2021-31

Our work with the TCC Commissioners

With the introduction of commissioners into local council, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce has played an active role in connecting our community with these key figures, to ensure their voice is heard when decision are being made. 

To date, we have:

  • Hosted several events (including a BA5), which have seen more than 300 people interacting with the commissioners and sharing their views.
    You can watch a snippet from our Business @ Breakfast event by clicking the image adjacent. 
  • Provided commentary on the commissioners and their plans in media comment and our own content. 
  • Discussed their Long-term Plan recommendations with our Business Advisory Group to ensure we are advocating for the best outcomes for our community – now and into the future. 
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