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Zespri: Kiwifruit workers wanted

With so much economic uncertainty, we’re doing everything we can to help businesses and industries continue to maintain as much job security and economic activity as possible.

The border closures mean our overseas workers can’t come in, on top of our usual seasonal labour needs, so there are plenty of opportunities here around the country.

Work is available for people with valid work visas both picking fruit and packing in kiwifruit packhouses, starting soon and going through to around June. Kiwifruit vines also need pruning in winter so there are more opportunities available after harvest finishes for those who are keen to stay on.

It’s important to note that work kicks off in earnest in about 10 days’ time, with some work available now. 

If people are interested in packhouse work, which involves grading and sorting fruit as it’s packed, we encourage them to contact the packhouses directly as this is the fastest way to connect. The Packhouse Employers List is available through NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc’s (NZKGI) website along with the Accommodation Providers List.

If your staff are interested in working on orchards picking fruit, we can connect you directly with people in your region looking for workers. We’ll need to know:

  • How many people are available?
  • What’s their employment situation? Do they have valid work visas?
  • When are they available from?
  • Where are they based?
  • Transport required?
  • Accommodation required?

For more information, NZKGI has a guide to working in the kiwifruit industry called the Little Green and Gold Book.

Please contact us on 07 574 7139 or employment@nzkgi.org.nz

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