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The business of health: Beating the mid-year slump

We’re halfway through the year, the shortest day is approaching (June 21) and the end of year is already racing towards us. 

You might be experiencing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or lacking motivation with the colder days and darker nights.

To help keep you focussed and energised for the months ahead, we asked Emma Goldstraw from Total Health to provide some top tips from a health and wellness point of view.

How is the year going for you?

Are you cruising through, completing those to do lists or are you finding that as we move into the winter months you are feeling sluggish and unmotivated?

Now is a good time to take yourself for coffee and have a wee check in:

  • Do you need to reassess your goals?
  • Have the past six months gone to plan?
  • What has worked for you and what hasn’t?
  • What can you implement, change, prioritise, reduce and eliminate as we move into the second half of the year?

I’ll share a few practises that may help you reenergise, reviving yourself and your diary.


Obviously, I’m going to advocate self-care – after all, that is my message when working alongside clients.

What little self-care things could you include? Some of mine are:

  • A cup of tea
  • Getting outside for some fresh air
  • Cat cuddles
  • Journaling
  • Moving my body
  • Eating something yummy.

Do what works for you, to really take some time out for yourself – no-one else – and give your brain the space it needs to think and focus.

Check your routines

Start with one area of your day: Do you have a morning or evening routine? Do you have an exercise routine? Are there items in your calendar that you do weekly and dislike, can you reduce or eliminate these? What can you outsource?

When life happens, routines can be a great way to stay focussed, being able to tick off non-negotiables that matter to you.

You could start by focusing on your evening routine: What can you do to set yourself up better for the following day?

Increase positivity

Whether it comes from people or situations, negativity can really drag us down. How can you create more of the good vibes in your day?

  • Gratitude: Nothing new here, it’s repeated often, but what are you grateful for each day?
  • Take a breath: Take yourself away from a situation and focus on your breathing – in through the nose, hold, long exhale through the mouth. This will instantly uplift and relax you.
  • Find the joy in the little things: A flower, a smile, an unexpected compliment.
  • Reduce all negative media and news. Restrict your time online and on social platforms, only consume content that makes you feel good.
Woman looking out the window with her laptop in front of her

Small steps

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with the small things. Make your bed, drink that glass of water, go for a 10-minute walk, cross out those little admin jobs. Starting can help you create momentum for the next task. All the small wins add up and make an impact.


Take the time each week to plan what is ahead and review the past week. What do you want to achieve each day? What does your ideal week look like? What are your biggest tasks for the week ahead?

At the end of the week, pull it all together and see what worked, what didn’t, did you have any wins and what is required for the next week?

It’s cold, it’s winter, it’s darker for longer. Keep warm and change up some behaviours to avoid the winter blues as we move into the second half of the year.

What are some practices you use to get yourself out of a slump? Please get in touch here with your thoughts, experiences, comments, and questions.

This article is part of a blog series called ‘Your Health is Your Business’, a new approach to thinking about your health and wellbeing as a business owner.  

Established by two local health coaches and Chamber members, Dahl from Nrgized Health & Nutrition, and Emma from Total Health, this collaborative project is focusing on five key aspects associated with healthy living: sleep, movement, nutrition, stress, and emotional resilience. The pair will also be promoting the importance of prioritising self-care, to ensure your health really is your business.  

You can read their previous articles here:

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