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Q&A: Make the most of your WFH set-up and software

Working from home has become our new normal, but are you making the most of your set-up and your software?

In this video, Debbie Ireland from Share the Point addresses a few questions about working from home and how to best utilise your Office 365 software, to ensure you are set up to succeed.

If you’d like to know more, Debbie is hosting two free webinars on these topics (click the headings to register now):

  • The 3Ms of Remote Working Madness – Mechanics, Mindset and Methods.
    How are you doing working from home?  Now we have have had some time to adjust, things are getting easier for some, and increasingly frustrating for others. Hear some tips and tricks and fresh perspectives. Working remotely requires a different approach and can be a big change for some. We understand this and have pulled together thoughts from many other people, as well as our own experiences. All sorts of things to consider.
  • Utilise the best of Office 365 in a COVID environment
    Are you or your team feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information coming from all directions? Bombarded by notifications? Is your team using multiple platforms to communicate? Or are you just keen to be able to get on with your real job (letting the technology play the role it should!) A guided discovery through Office 365 Apps for Process Improvement – See examples of Microsoft Teams,  Forms, OneNote,  To Do, Planner and Flow for maximising your investment in Office 365 and using the tools you already have! Be the change you want to see.
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