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Q&A: How do you use Zoom?

A nationwide lockdown means rethinking our ways of working, and many businesses and organisations (including us) are turning to Zoom to connect.

From morning meetings to wine dates, Zoom is a handy digital video platform to help us keep communication as normal as possible in these uncertain times.

We’ve started using Zoom as our main platform in which to deliver our training sessions. These are free and suitable for everyone from employers to employees.

But, if you’re new to Zoom, it can seem a little daunting. So, if you’re planning on attending one of our upcoming webinars, here are some any hints to get you started.

  • You’ll need to register for the webinar of your choice on our training calendar.
  • The day before, you will be sent a URL link that you will need to join the webinar. We recommend that you join at least 10 minutes before the webinar commences, to test everything is working.
  • You can join the webinar from PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. If you work through a terminal server you will need to join directly from outside of this.
  • If you have not previously connected through Zoom, we recommend you test your connection to Zoom and your audio device etc, well before the webinar.
  • If you experience a problem opening the link to Zoom from your email, try copying and pasting the link into your internet browser. If the internet browser you are using will not open the Zoom, try it on another browser, so, if you are using MS Edge or Safari try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

All webinars are interactive and require that you have audio and video working on the device you will use to connect with. For the optimum experience, it is probably better if you have earphones/headphones and a microphone, but this is not essential.


You can find information on how to test your connection with Zoom on the link below:


Additionally, you can find some troubleshooting on the link below:


And for something a bit funny, check out this Bingo card to play at your next Zoom meeting. 

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