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Member Profile: Steve & Heidi, Jennings Holistic Health Coaching

Meet Steve and Heidi from Jennings Holistic Health Coaching.

The husband-and-wife team provide health coaching designed to help their clients with a wide array of health challenges, including sleep issues, stress, gut problems, menopause symptoms, depression or anxiety, weight loss, joint aches and pains and much more.

By focusing on five key areas – nutrition, exercise, gut health, sleep and stress management – Steve and Heidi utilise their combined skills and experience help both individuals and groups manage their wellbeing in a holistic manner.

They’ve had great success and say that people often come to them when they are at their wits’ end with traditional medicine or treatments. 

We asked our new members about their journey to running this unique business.

Tell us a bit about your background:

Heidi – We have a very unique story, which has brought us to this position where we are both holistic health coaches. We have been doing this now for over 15 years.

Steve has a personal training background, but over time he adopted a more holistic approach to training and wellbeing. I suffered a health crisis a few years ago and we realised that conventional medicine could do nothing to help me. 

Together, we researched alternative solutions and from here we developed a holistic coaching programme, which has a 90% success rate with our clients. 

I adopted a plant-based diet to assist with healing and it turned my life around, so I then studied through Cornell University in the USA and am now a holistic health coach, specialising in plant-based nutrition.

In your first year of business, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? 

SteveI knew from studying business management that 90% of small businesses go out of business in the first two years. I didn’t focus on making money so much, I focused on survival and just reinvesting the capital I made back into the business as part of a long-term strategy.

There were lots of expenses that didn’t return a profit, but I knew the experience of trial and error was going to provide long-term benefit.

And now, looking back, what have been your biggest learnings? 

The health industry constantly changes and shifts the goal posts with information. All this does is lead to confusion and frustration. As a result, we have moved to a more alternative approach and found a more reliable source of information that gives us life-changing results.

What’s the one misconception people might have about your industry? 

That fads, gimmicks and quick fixes are the solution to their problems. Also, that people should be physically training hard all the time. This is simply not true.  

What’s the one thing you want people to know about your business? 

Our 90% success rate is due to a combination of research, science and personal experience. We go above and beyond to get great results for every one of our clients and are committed to their success. We also walk the talk and would never ask someone to do something we haven’t tried ourselves. 

Photo of Steve and Heidi Jennings standing together

What are your goals (personal and professional) for the next six to 12 months? 

Business: To bring our business 100% online so we can operate from anywhere in the world.

Personal: To spread our personal story to more than 500,000 people across the world and have a positive impact on humanity, and to maintain a great work / life balance.

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your time? 

Steve – Playing music, sampling craft beer, being social with friends and family. 

Heidi – Yoga, Latin American dance, reading, being with my family and spending time with like-minded friends.  

If you could impart one piece of advice to fellow business owners, what would it be?

Be prepared for the hard slog but never give up on your vision. When you are trialling a new avenue in your business, you will ALWAYS be tested – you must have faith! Do something you love and are passionate about and the money will follow. 

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything”. 

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