Member Profile: Andy Taylor

If you’re looking to bring personality, warmth and character to your next video project, Andy Taylor is your guy.

The videographer loves what he does and it shows in the enthusiastic way he tells stories through the visual medium. Having previously worked as a TV camera operator, he has since gone out on his own and captures quality content for all kinds of corporate and community projects.

He talks to us about why he went out on his own, some of the challenges of being a sole trader and what’s the key to a really good video.

Why did you want to start your own business?
Put simply, I love what I do. I found my place in the world where I can be creative, help people, and have new experiences. I get to laugh a lot as well because making videos is fun.

Video is such a powerful tool and I want to help people have success with it, and for that to happen we need to start with the ‘why’. While good looking video is nice, it is more important to understand the problems a business faces and how we can use video to solve those problems.

What are some of the highlights of being a sole trader?
The biggest highlight is the personal growth that comes from being 100% responsible for yourself. If I have a good day, I feel good because I was able to make it happen. If I have a bad day, I have to take ownership of it and reflect on what I can do differently. Being in business is an endless learning experience.

What are some of the challenges?
Working from home a lot means I’m often alone, but I’m a sociable chap and I miss out on the support and banter that you get working in an office or typical workplace.

I catch up with clients, friends, and go to networking events as often as I can, and prefer phone calls over emails. I also need to make sure that when I’m busy, I look after myself and not skip lunch or exercise! I made those mistakes early on. It’s important not to neglect your basic needs and quality of life, whether that’s friendships, health, or just going to bed at a reasonable hour rather than staying up past midnight to work if you don’t absolutely have to.

What kinds of projects do you most enjoy working on? What are some highlights from the past year?
Anything that involves being around positive and inspiring people, and any project that can have a big impact. I also love getting out in nature.

A highlight from the past year was creating a farewell video for an organisation’s long-time staff member. Unfortunately I wasn’t at her farewell lunch when the video was revealed; I would love to have seen her reaction. But it was nice to see all the comments on social media.

What advice do you have for other sole traders?

  • Take lots of photos and videos of your work as they can be super useful when you work with someone like me to create content in the future. Just turn your phone sideways and store them in full/original quality.
  • Start a business bank account from day one so your personal and business money remain separate.
  • Drink water.

What are some of your goals for 2020? (Personal and professional)
Personal goal – I was planning to travel to India this year, but that will have to wait! I’m also trying to hit 50 push ups, run a half marathon, and nail the perfect risotto.
Professional plans – Build up my own marketing and join a co-working space to spend a couple of days a week.

Anything else you’d like to add about your business / you?
I’m always keen to meet new people and build my network, so feel free to reach out any time for a coffee.

You can check out Andy’s work on YouTube here. 

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