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LINKT Profile: Collab Digital

Meet Matt Logan, Content Manager for Collab Digital.

What is your role at Collab and what does it entail?
As Collab’s Content Manager, I am responsible for creating photo and video content for the brands we look after.

What inspired you to choose this profession?
Storytelling is my passion. Having a job that allowed me to be creative and able to express my ideas through photos and videos, was something I wanted to do.

What makes you excited about work?
The opportunity to be creative and to work with a great team, on a variety of products and brands.

What challenges you in your work?
Being able to consistently come up with ideas to communicate a brand’s message visually through photos and/or videos.

How has COVID-19 changed your ways of working and how are you overcoming those challenges?
COVID-19 has removed the structure and routine from my work week, and working from home is a little difficult as there are a lot more distractions. I’ve been using focus sprints to maintain my productivity at home. Where I focus on what I am working on for a 90-minute sprint and then take a 20-30min break. I try and do this about 3 to 4 times a day.

What are your COVID-19 survival tips? How are you beating the lockdown?  
Try and keep to a schedule. Don’t sleep in, go outside and exercise. Use the extra time to learn something new and take the time to work on things you usually don’t have the time for.

What are your 2020 goals?
Surviving COVID-19 while maintaining a high quality of work through 2020.

Collab Digital were winners of the Best Emerging Business Award at the 2019 Westpac Tauranga Business Awards. Find out more about Collab Digital HERE ->

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