Member Profile: DreamTube Media Creatives - Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

Member Profile: DreamTube Media Creatives

If you’ve attended one of our recent BA5 events, chances are you may have met Taka Ino. 

The videographer and animator is a relatively new member to the Chamber, but he has thrown himself into getting to know our business community. 

Originally from Japan, Taka studied in Sydney for two years before coming to New Zealand (more than 10 years ago) where he did further study in 3D animation.

Moving with his family to the Bay of Plenty, Taka found there was a lack of employment opportunities to utilise his 3D animation skills, so decided to go out on his own to create his own opportunities.

We find out a bit more about Taka.

Why do you think there are a lack of opportunities for 3D animation here in the Bay?

I think there was not a need for it. All of those opportunities lie in Auckland and Wellington. Auckland has media agencies and gaming studios, which got jobs from overseas and hire locals, whereas Tauranga does not have these studios. 

What kind of 3D animation work do you do and who would this be best suited for?

I can do anything, including product visualisation, company logo animation, tailored product intro animation and more. My latest work was with Ballance Agri-Nutrients – I did their conference video and added an animated intro for the video. 

How can animation and quality video be of value to a business?

Since COVID-19 hit, the great change is happening in many ways, for example e-commerce has risen to avoid physical contact. More people buy things online, use credit cards etc.

My videography and animation service would be of great help for those businesses which have products/services. Video/animation brings more attention to their potential customers, makes them more excited and leads to purchase. Statistics prove that video/animation increases ROI. Placing a video at the top of a website, for example, brings a point of difference and creates interest. 

What are some of the highlights of owning you own business?

I am excited as I have opportunities meeting new people, businesses and products.

What are some of the challenges?

Time management, especially caring for a toddler at the same time!

What kinds of projects do you most enjoy working on? What are some highlights from the past year?

I take joy working on movie/animation related projects. I have done some 3D animation tutoring for students. Some from locals; others in Hong Kong.

What are some of your plans / goals for 2020 (Personal and professional)?

  • (Personal) Get away to Queenstown
  • (Professional) Build up my client network and create income flow. 

 When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I love playing guitar (electric, acoustic, bass guitar, ukulele). I used to play in a band, but currently I am playing for our local church. 

What top tips do you have for other small business owners?

Have your promotion video ready – I can help!

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