$33 million in building consents issued for 84 new Tauranga homes

New residential builds in Tauranga have made a comeback with $33 million worth of consents issued for 84 new homes in just one month.

Experts say a shortage of land, increased house prices and a shift in people wanting to build new has resulted in a housing shortage “catch-up”.

Priority One’s latest building consent report shows Tauranga City Council issued $33 million for 84 new houses – the highest value and total in four months.

The $33m was part of a total $108m in building consents issued in Tauranga during March, including $68.7m for commercial developments.

Previous reports showed $25.8m was issued for 69 new residential builds in January 2019, $29.5m for 72 single dwellings in December 2018, and $27.5m for 51 in November 2018.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stan Gregec said it was good to see more new residential builds following an impression the sector had slowed.

“I guess with all-time-low interest rates and awareness of how tight the availability of land is in Tauranga, people are not sitting on their hands,” he said.

“Tauranga still represents excellent value for money compared to, say, Auckland.”

Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless said there was still a demand for houses as the population increased.

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