Documentation Services

Electronic Documentation Services

The Tauranga Chamber of Commerce electronic certification service allows us to electronically receive, certify and return (by email) export documentation. This electronic service saves you time and money.

Step 1 – Getting Started

Be sure to read the detailed and straight forward guidance about how to use the eCert before registering to use eCert.
Click Exporters setup guide to read instructions.

Step 2 – Register

To use eCertify you must be a registered exporter with Tauranga Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to register as an exporter/freight forwarder.
Click here to login

Step 3 – Certification

Send your document to us and we’ll certify it and return it back to you within one business day.

Manual Documentation Service

To process your export documents manually, download the applicable documentation template above, complete the details on the electronic template and save your document. You may submit your export documentation to the Chamber for certification using one of the following options:

Option 1 – Email

Email your completed document/s as an attachment to:  We’ll courier or post your certified document/s back to you within one business day.

Option 2 – Print and Mail

Print your completed document/s and mail to the Chamber at PO Box 414, Seventh Avenue, Tauranga 3140.  We’ll post your certified document/s back to you (be sure to provide a return address).

Option 3 – Print and Courier

Print your completed document/s and bring them in to the Chamber personally or send by courier to the Smart Business Centre, 65 Chapel Street, Tauranga 3110.  We’ll certify them while you wait.

The Chamber is required to file copies of all export documents we process, so please ensure that you bring one extra copy in with you.

Documents may only be certified during normal working hours.

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