Advocacy & Representation

An important role the Chamber plays is in the area of advocacy and influence.  Advocacy for and on behalf of the business community where its voice is heard.

We participate in the following areas:

  • Economic Development
    • Smart Economy Implementation Group
    • City Centre Action Group
    • Smart Growth
    • Bay of Connections
  • Media commentary and opinion
  • Local Government Submissions – LTCCP (10 year plans), Annual Plans, and District Plans
  • Central Government submissions on matters relating to the economy
  • One-off community Issues e.g. Heart of the City proposals
  • Facilitating introductions
  • Behind the scenes influence
  • Targeted campaigns e.g. Committed Optimist and Vision 2020
  • Community leader events
  • Specific intervention on behalf of individual members e.g. Council and government issues
    Other areas of growth

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