2019-2020 Board Elections

In accordance with the Chamber of Commerce Tauranga Region Inc constitution and rules, we wish to inform you that we will be starting our election process on the 2nd August 2019.

Again this year we have contracted Electionz.com to manage this election for us.  This year’s process will be fully electronic with no postal ballots.


We are seeking nominations from savvy business people for positions on the Board.  The people we are looking for will be committed to developing business capability in the Western Bay of Plenty, will have a good understanding of the issues facing businesses today, and bring knowledge experience and influence to the board table.

Nominations must be proposed and seconded.  Only persons who are financial members of the Chamber may propose or second nominations.  The nominator can be a member of your company.  The seconder must come from outside your organisation.

If you wish to nominate a representative of your company to the Board click here, a completed nomination form must be returned to the Chamber no later than 5:00pm Friday 16th August 2019.  The nominations form must be accompanied with a profile up to 100 words and a head and shoulders photo.

For a brief description of the role of the board and expectations of Board members click here.  Any potential nominee who would like to find out more about the role of Board can contact the Chamber on chamber@tauranga.org.nz.

To view the current board members please click here.


Voting process will open on the 23rd August 2019, if we have over the required amount of nominations.

Voting will close at 12:00 noon on the 11th September 2019.

Candidates will be advised by the Chamber Chief Executive around the 12th September 2019.


The Annual General Meeting will be held at 4:30pm on Wednesday 18th September 2019 at Mills Reef Winery, Moffat Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga.

At the AGM we will be confirming our Board for the 2019/2020 year.


Under the Chamber Constitution, the Board shall consist of a:

  • Chairperson
  • Two Vice Chairpersons
  • Treasurer
  • Eight Nominees

The Officers

The Officers of Chairperson, two Vice Chairpersons and Treasurer, are appointed by the board following the Boards appointment.  This change has been incorporated to ensure that the Officers have the backing of the board.

The Board Members

The Board Members who record the highest number of votes in our election process (i.e. a maximum of 12 Board Members).  The Board will serve for a term of two years with half the Board retiring every year.

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